A Trip through the Solar System

A Trip through the Solar System

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ספר באנגלית

למשלוח לארה"ב שימו לב לבחור באופציה המתאימה באפשרויות השילוח. (ספר באנגלית ולא בעברית).

בנוסף למי שמזמין מארה"ב, ישנם 5 ימי עסקים עד שהספר נשלח מהמחסן. 


A Trip through the Solar System / Liron Aluf

"So, can you grow fruits and vegetables on the other planets in the solar system?" Ari asked.
Neil thought about it. That was a very good question.
"How about we take a trip through the solar system and find out?" Ari suggested.

Join a magical journey through the solar system as two brothers
search for other planets where they can grow fruits and vegetables.
Along the way they'll learn the secret of Earth and what makes it so special.

A Trip through the Solar System, with its fun and colorful drawings, is a
great way for children to discover and learn about space and our world.

For ages 2-7.

Size: 11" x 8.5"


30 pages (not including titles)- If your toddler feels it's a bit long, we recommend reading the book in 2 parts.